Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Water has been disconnected at the garden

I'm heading out of town shortly, but I wanted to post a quick update about the plumbing project. I was just informed today that the water in the garden has to be disconnected while the new backflow unit is being installed.

I'm very sorry about this inconvenience, but I'm hoping the project will be completed in one week as promised. In the meantime, Gabriel is going to make arrangements with Stephanie next door to fill up three trash cans with water so that you can fill up the water can to irrigate your plots.

I wasn't able to speak to the plumbing crew this afternoon, but it appears that they were able to make a good connection with the water main in the front of the garden. I hope that means that they won't need to dig beyond the already rather large hole in the ground in the front of the garden.

Please be careful around the project site while all this work is being done. And please excuse the mess. It's probably a good idea to refrain from bringing children into the garden until this project is completed.

I'll be back on Friday evening. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact Zo at 845-1489.

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