Monday, February 4, 2008

Volunteers need for compost team

Have you checked out the compost bins lately? The "finished" bin on the left is filled almost to the top with rich compost ready to be used in our garden.

Brent has done an amazing job revitalizing our compost bins over the past couple of years. Thanks to diligent chopping by all of you and Brent's stewardship, we have a really incredible resource that has helped to build and improve the soil in the garden.

Brent is interested in recruiting a team of gardeners to help him maintain the compost bins on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about composting and getting more involved in supporting the garden.

Brent developed his composting expertise by taking an intensive composting educator class through Garden for the Environment. Graduates of that program work with gardeners throughout the city passing on their composting knowledge and skills.

If you are interested in joining the compost team, please contact Brent at

To learn more about composting, be sure to check out the
compost guide that Brent and Hallie created. It's a really informative guide that explains how everyone in the garden has a role in turning garden waste into nutrient rich soil (the guide is posted on the garden bulletin board in addition to here on the blog). And you can learn more about using the worm bin by watching the worm bin video.