Thursday, June 25, 2009

New compost set-up and instructions

The Compost Team) did some work last weekend to catch up on all the plant material that has been accumulating in the compost area, and in general make sure the compost is progressing nicely. The main change we made is this: please use the left side of
the tumbler to add your kitchen scraps and non-invasive weeds. The right tumbler is now closed off to new additions and will be only opened to add water once in a while while it continues the decomposition process. A small tag has been placed on the right tumbler to remind you to use the left one.

Here is an overview of the compost area now, as you are facing it,
from left to right :

Left Wooden Box: Finished compost, ready to sift into your plot.

Right Wooden Box: Chopped up bulky plant material from what had accumulated, mainly the bamboo, mung bean stems and tall stems from the front of the garden, covered in hay.

Left compartment of Compost Tumbler: Newly started compost area, PUT YOUR SCRAPS HERE, as well as your non-invasive weeds. Remember to check the posted pics if you are unsure if your weed is invasive or not.

Right Compartment of Compost Tumbler: Resting compost, this compartment should not be added to.

Questions? Call Brent at 750-1570. Thanks!