Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tree wells take bloom on Page Street

Have you walked by the garden along Page Street lately? Last Saturday, a group of garden volunteers worked to transform the tree wells on Page Street that border John Muir Elementary School by planting them with beautiful, drought-resistant, flowering plants.

We've been interested in adopting these tree wells for many years because they've been neglected and are often used as trash cans and dog toilets. Now they are planted with rosemary, mexican sage, bush daisies, and California native plants like Zauschneria. The plants are small but should fill in the tree well spaces nicely, help to discourage trash, and create a beautiful natural corridor along the block.

Special thanks go out to all who helped make this transformation possible: Bridgit, Gabriel, John L., June, Mary G., Matthew, Richard, and Steve. Check out these photos from the tree well planting workday.

The plants for this project were purchased at a deep wholesale discount using garden membership funds. But we're working now to try to get donated plants from the city to finish planting the tree wells along the Webster Street side of the school. I'll keep you posted as these plans progress.

By adopting these tree wells, the garden is making a commitment to take care of them, including watering them during summer months, pruning and weeding them as needed, and painting over graffiti. We've deliberately chosen low maintenance, drought resistant plants to minimize this work. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a part of the tree well team. Thanks!