Monday, August 20, 2007

Plumbing project gets underway on August 21

I just got word that the City Plumbing Department is planning on starting its work to add a second hose bib to the back of the garden on Tuesday (8/21). The contractor is planning on either setting the water line on top of the soil along the east side of the garden, or setting it below ground along the center pathway of the garden.

The City also will install a backflow preventer unit behind the bench in the front of the garden. This device is required to bring our irrigation system up to code and will prevent water from siphoning back into the City's water main and contaminating the water supply.

Assuming there are no surprises during the work, the project should be finished in one week. There is some concern that the water line coming in from the street is very old and rusted, which may mean that a section of the existing water line leading to the water main will need to be replaced. This would obviously take longer to complete. I'll be sure to keep you informed as the work progresses and I learn more.

I'm heading out of town on Tuesday night until the evening of August 24. If you have any questions or concerns while I'm gone, you can contact Zo at 845-1489.

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