Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our newest and youngest garden members!

From Gardener Mary Good: I live right next door to the garden, and for weeks I have noticed a Mama and Papa Robin flying about and scolding the cats. Two nights ago I watched Mama Robin from my bathroom window, feeding what I thought was her one fledgling, as they both hopped about in the garden. This morning, I witnessed both parents feeding THREE fledglings. And I thought having just one toddler was hard work! You may have noticed some of the earth upturned, especially around the edges of the boxes...that's from Mama, digging for worms. The babies like to hide in the larger plants, like the rosemary and artichokes. If you see them, please do your best to not disturb them, and make room for Mama when she flies in. The kids are out of their nest, but can't fly yet.

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