Monday, July 25, 2011

Bumper crop of alderman and maxigolt peas

The garden is really thriving these days and it's been great to see the success that gardeners are having this year. One standout so far has been the peas that Catherine grew (to great heights!) on the trellis she built around her plot.

Catherine shared some photos and some info on the peas she grew that I wanted to pass along to other gardeners. Here's what I learned from Catherine:

Catherine grew two varieties of peas: Alderman Tall Telegraph an heirloom, and Maxigolt not an heirloom. Both are shelling peas, also called English peas. This is the variety of peas that have the most total nutrition (even including the pod of a snap pea or snow pea).

Catherine set out seedlings using organic pea inoculant on the roots in mid-February. She put out the Aldermans a little before the Maxigolts because Aldermans have a longer date to maturity, which is typical of heirloom varieties.

On average Alderman peas take about 75 days; and Maxigolt, about 60. The Alderman grew a full 8 feet tall! Maxigolt grew 4 feet. As expected, Alderman took longer to mature.

According to Catherine, the Aldermans have a seriously old fashioned pea flavor but no starchiness. They taste sweet until you eat a Maxigolt. The Maxigolt are milder, brighter, and sweeter. They also have bigger peas within those smaller pods. Catherine enjoyed them raw, barely steamed, and even frozen and then raw or steamed. There is no need to blanch them first.

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