Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting down and dirty with compost

We had a terrific workshop on composting on Saturday thanks to a fun and informative presentation by Amy Kessler of the Garden for the Environment. Some of you may remember Amy (also know as the "Worm Lady") from another workshop she led at the garden a few years back. Amy is a hardcore composting fanatic who broke it all down in a very engaging and often very funny presentation.

Special thanks to Brent for organizing the event, which covered the basics on backyard composting and how it helps reduce waste, builds soil, and encourages your plants to thrive. Amy demonstrated the three-bin composting system down the street at the Koshland Garden and then showed us how to use the worm compost bin at Page Street.

You may have noticed the new Compost Tumbler at the garden. It was generously donated by the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council after Brent applied for a grant. The Compost Tumbler will enable us to produce compost more efficiently because it makes it easier to turn the pile, which helps things break down more quickly. We'll be getting this new system up and running soon, so stay tuned for details on how to use it.

Finally, we'll be holding another compost workshop at our Spring workday, which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 25. If you didn't make it to yesterday's workshop, please make sure to come to this one.

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