Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer fun at the garden party!

What started out as a foggy morning turned into a beautiful sunny day in the garden for our annual BBQ party on Saturday. Thanks to all who came out and helped make this day so much fun: Gabriel and Lynn for helping to set up and decorate the garden; John K. and Stephanie for taking charge of the barbecue grill up front; Zo for organizing the open mic performance on the patio; and Chancellor and John L. for helping with clean up at the end of the day.

We enjoyed some spoken word and especially great music this year with performances by Kim, Zo & Rick, Delano, and, of course, Aiden. Kenne gave us a glimpse into the future with tarot card readings. And we enjoyed a yummy potluck thanks to Lynn, Gordon, Darrow, Stevyn, and Anna!

Check out the photo page for some pics of the event.

We're already making plans for a Halloween bash in October. Stay tuned for details!

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